From Las Gesillas you can enjoy an endless list of activities, either sports or cultural activities. Or perhaps you prefer to just take a walk in the natural paradise.

We can help you organise local sports or leisure activities, such as;
Horse riding excursions, donkey rides, canoeing, quad biking, paintball or mountain biking – with a guide.

For those who are interested in cultural history there are many monasteries, castles and churches. There’s also a very impressive Roman road, and Celtic ruins nearby.

This area makes an excellent base for hiking or more leisurely walking. There’s a huge variety of birds, including eagles and vultures, and flowers to spot along the way. Cool off after in a crystal clear mountain pool!

Birding tours around Candeleda and its surroundings, including Valle del Tiétar and Sierra de Gredos, a protected area with outstanding scenery and biodiversity thanks to its well-preserved habitats. We also offer birding breaks to Extremadura, including Arrocampo Ornithological Park and Monfragüe National Park! Experience both the natural and cultural landscapes as the backdrop for fantastic birding adventures with local expert leaders in Spain! We are ecologists with experience in developing research and conservation projects. Our deep knowledge in avian biology guarantees an absolute respect and well-being of the birds we observe during our birding adventures, which are always experiences full of ecological content.


Also worthy of a mention are a number of curiosities and attractions including a honey museum, caves with awesome stalactites and charming quaint old villages such as Guisando. (pictured at the top)